Since the 1990’s faux finishes have pretty much replaced wallpaper as a treatment of choice. While styles come and go, a faux finish is one that should be considered for its rich feeling and ability to transport you to another place and time. Wallpaper might make a comeback, but paint never goes out of style.

Faux techniques can take years to understand and to master and not just your average Joe can do it correctly. Preparation of any area for a great faux finish is delicate and precision is required.

There are hundreds of different looks available and the products and brands chosen for your faux finish will have a great impact on the final result.

Perhaps you have been living with the same colours for some time and your accent walls are established. If so, glazing, which is one of the more common techniques used, can be a simple way to add depth, warmth and texture.

Don’t overlook the powder-rooms, or master bedrooms. A professionally rendered finish can make an oasis for you, a private place that calms your mood and quiets your mind.

Pillars, arches, cabinetry doors or plain old 6-panel slab doors from the Home Depot are great architectural areas in your home for a faux treatment.

As part of the decorative arts faux finishes are best applied by someone with true artistic vision. If you appreciate art and the artisan, it is a safe bet that you will appreciate your new faux finish. More than simply making your place look better and more attractive with it’s colours and textures, the right faux finish, simply by virtue of its authenticity, will be mind-blowing!

You may have already seen some gazing or Venetian plasters created by Gillet Painting and Decorating. A quick look through our list of references may show you that you have been in some of those fine establishments.

Our work lasts longer than the competition because we have more skills and know that a long-lasting paint job is far more than just paint application.

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